The Chocolate Conspiracy

Our new chocolate factory is now open! Just in time for the holidays.  Come have a tasty cup of hot chocolate.


Hello, my fellow chocolate-lovers! ShopGirl here. AJ has tasked me with letting the internet world know that some new, exciting things will be happening with this chocolate business we all know and love. I'm going to enumerate them, because I like lists. 

1). We're moving production to a new facility. This is what those with acumen would call a "savvy business move." Basically we're going to be amping things up, getting our product into more stores, and our tiny, beloved little space is not really somewhere we can do this. 

I know what you're thinking. With production moving to a new space, what are you going to do with the storefront? I'm so glad you asked. Read on! 

2). We're going to be closing the storefront starting May 31st--and before you panic, we will be reopening so take a few deep breaths. 

Everyone calm? Good. Let's continue. We are closing for some super-awesome renovations May 31st and reopening June 10th. If you can't live without our chocolates, look at the rest of the places that sell our chocolate under the locations tab. Or follow this convenient hyperlink

Exciting, right? It's good news. The newly renovated space will be the kind of place where you can chill and enjoy chocolate fudge. Or bars. Or smoothies. Chocolate of any kind, really. 

One last thing. When our shop re-opens June 10, we will be discontinuing shipping of bars and other similarly heat-perishable products for the summer. Shipping will start back up when the weather cools down. 


So that's the plan! I hope you are all as excited as I am for these new developments! Stay posted. Eat chocolate. Be happy. 


Peace out, 



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