The Chocolate Conspiracy

Our new chocolate factory is now open! Just in time for the holidays.  Come have a tasty cup of hot chocolate.

Spring is upon us!

Hello, and welcome to the Chocolate Conspiracy's brand-new blog! I'm Hilary, the Weekend Shop Girl and general Social Networking guru.  I'll be your host, tour guide, and general all-around Oompa-Loompa in the wonderful, creative world of AJ Wentworth, who we all know is actually just Willy Wonka in disguise. Don't tell him I told you. 

So spring! Winter is finally over, and we've got all kinds of deliciously exciting things coming up in our chocolate world. Let's get right to business.

I have good news. And I have bad news. I'll give you the bad news first.

Bad news is that March is the last month for our delectable hot chocolate and truffles until the winter comes back. And you thought you wouldn't miss winter. That's the bad news. I'm sorry. It was quite a blow. 

Right. So now the good news. Instead of hot chocolate, we will be offering our AMAZING chocolate smoothie during the summer months! That's awesome, right? So you don't need to feel too down. And if you're still feeling down even after that good news, just come get a smoothie. I promise. It'll cheer you right up.

Good News, Item #2 is that our specialty bar for the spring (Lavender Dark Chocolate) is going to be on our shelves soon! Right? I'm so excited. It's going to be amazingly delightful. 

Third and final piece of good news is that we have two fine chocolate classes coming up this month. It's $30 per spot, and it's totally worth it to learn all about chocolate. For more information, here's a convenient hyperlink:

Thanks for reading! Come by and get some wonderful chocolate! 


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